This website is my creation, originally intended to snare the agent who would climb aboard my dream-train for Special, the novel I finished in the summer of 2011. I am not a web-page designer, but I have enjoyed the learning process. While publishing Special is still a personal goal, attracting an agent is not the sole priority of the website. My site is for anyone who would like to know a little more about me and my writing. 
      I would have to say my writing train runs more along the lines of fantasy fiction rather than horror, but I can't seem to keep my tracks free of all the scary and gory debris that collects on them. Gosh, I even get quite a bit of mushy stuff oozing between the rails, but nothing serious enough to derail your trip. 


     This biography is intended to provide an answer for those of you who are sure to ask, how did someone from New Jersey end up in Kansas?...and then, in Minnesota? I am content for now, to give a basic outline, in a chronological fashion as to how that happened, without going into all the details. Later, after I become famous and a household word, I will expound on those details, and I am quite certain you will hold me to that. 
     I was born in 1957 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. My birth followed that of a brother, two years earlier. I can best describe the chronological sequence of me and my siblings as being from two different generations, as there were two older sisters and an older brother born in the early '40's. My oldest brother was killed in an automobile accident when I was three years old and the two older sisters married and started lives of their own, leaving most of my growing-up memories to involve me and my "younger" older brother. He was more outgoing and activity-minded than I was. Saying that I tended to "live in a world of my own" was very much an understatement, but in the interest of brevity, it'll have to suffice.
      Due to their husbands' involvement in the Armed Services, my two sisters wound up both being situated in a little town in central Kansas, which is where I also wound up, when the rest of the family moved close to them in 1966.
     In N.J. my dad had been a tree surgeon and that profession followed him to Kansas, also becoming a large part of my work experience, as did farm and construction work.
     My early adult life was chaotic and can be best described as a "mess." I had a brief marriage which produced one beautiful daughter.
     I started getting my life back on track while in my mid-thirties and moved to southeast Kansas in 1995. I had been working at a grain storage and chemical treatment facility for several years when I took a vacation trip to the Dakota's, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. When I returned to work in Kansas and was asked how my vacation was, I replied with, "I'm moving."
After some medical and financial problems were alleviated, in 2006 I was finally able to transform that statement into an actual move to Wisconsin - a talismatic desire which went back to my early years as an adult.
     After first landing a job with Wal-mart in Superior, Wisconsin, I was able to get an affordable apartment in Duluth, Minnesota, and after six months moved into a mobile home court in Superior, WI.
     Duluth is "across the bridge" from Superior much in the same way as Easton, PA was "across the bridge" from Phillipsburg, NJ. where I spent the first ten years of my life; the correlation between these areas (and time frames) has not escaped me.
     In 2010 I gained extra employment with the U.S. Census Bureau. Due to position and title changes regarding Wal-mart management, staffing procedures, and overall customer service, I experienced what I considered unnecessary stress, and soon became aware that I'd arrived at another turning point in my life. I remember thinking, "I didn't leave family and friends in Kansas, move seven hundred miles, just to work at Wal-mart and live like a sardine in a can, in some trailer court." I moved because I loved the geographical area and the climate, but wasn't enjoying any of it.
     I left my job at Wal-mart and moved out of the trailer court in the same week. A friend let me stay at his house near Amnicon Lake, twenty miles south of Superior.
     After the job with the Census Bureau wound down, I devoted my time and energy to my writing, concentrating on a novel I'd started several years earlier after moving into the toy department at Wal-mart. The idea for the story had actually been born while I was being chastised by my department supervisor for not adhering to certain rules.
     As with many writing careers, totally committing myself to mine has resulted in my living situation being quite uncertain and diverse, and I am once again living in Duluth. 
     I have been published in several on line magazines, Midlife Collage,
Filthy Secret Books, and Flash Fiction World respectively for Special (not the novel), The Skirt (excerpt on this site), and Flash Fire. A short story I am not particularly fond of recently appeared in print in Aqueous Magazine,  a new magazine based in the Bayfield, Wisconsin area.
     That pretty much brings us here, which by the way, happens to be very much like the title of one of my short stories previewed on this site and entitled, You Are Here.
                                                                                                                                        Written by R.A.Savary                                                                                                                                                          Duluth, Minnesota
​     Short Biography